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Meet the Five Adorable Characters of ‘The Bad Guys’

Meet the Five Adorable Characters of ‘The Bad Guys’


Meet the Five Adorable Characters of ‘The Bad Guys’

Meet The Bad Guys in the new heist caper comedy from DreamWorks Animation that will open in Philippine cinemas this April 27. Packed with high-octane energy and sharp cultural references, the film represents a bold, stylish, new artistic direction for DreamWorks Animation.

“The Bad Guys successfully tweaks the heist genre for families and commits to it with energy and cool embedded in everything,” DreamWorks Animation’s Margie Cohn says. “The nonstop energetic pace; innovative, gorgeous production design; cartoony elements in pristine CG animation; lighting; score; our perfect cast—it adds up to an immersive experience with a tone unlike any other animated movie.”

The Bad Guys brings together actors whose distinct voices brought to life the latest animated endearing crackerjack crew of animal outlaws about to attempt their most challenging con yet—becoming model citizens. Leading The Bad Guys pack is Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf along with Marc Maron as Mr. Snake, Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark, Anthony Ramos as Mr. Piranha and Awkwafina at Ms. Tarantula. Initially, The Bad Guys set out to fool the world that they’ve been transformed. Along the way, though, Mr. Wolf begins to suspect that doing good for real may give him what he’s always secretly longed for: acceptance. So, when a new villain threatens the city, can Mr. Wolf persuade the rest of the gang to become…The Good Guys?

Mr. Wolf

Charismatic, impulsive leader of the gang and gentleman thief, Mr. Wolf oozes coolness and charm. But deep, deep down he holds out hope that the world will one day accept him and The Bad Guys. ‘He’s a con man, but cool and charming, with a crew. They do some bad stuff, but he’s soulful; he loves his crew, and ultimately, they all have a revelation about being good,’” Rockwell says.

Mr. Snake

Expert safe cracker, and Mr. Wolf’s cynical best friend, Mr. Snake always has his guard up. When you’re born a snake, friends don’t exactly grow on trees, so Mr. Snake is prepared to do whatever possible to preserve and protect his “Bad Guy family.” Marc Maron agreed to tackle the role of Mr. Snake, he tapped into the worldview of someone who has been misunderstood since the day that he hatched. Maron says, “He’s a guy that’s got all the answers and gets things done. He doesn’t take crap from anyone.”

Mr. Piranha

Frenzied fish, and the “muscle” of the gang, Mr. Piranha is loyal, passionate, quick-tempered and wildly naive. Ramos developed a deep affection for his hot-headed character. “It’s hilarious to play a character who is so short-tempered but so in touch with his emotions that he’ll start crying if he feels like something is wrong,” Ramos says.

Mr. Shark

Gentle giant and master of disguise. Mr. Shark is an apex predator of a thousand faces. The film, Robinson says, has something for everyone: “Action, heists, giant meteorites that look like butts, car chases, disguises, laughter, therapy…and push pops.”

Ms. Tarantula

As the gang’s only female member, she doesn’t cut the “Guys” any slack. When she encounters an un-hackable code, she goes into “beast mode”—employing her eight legs to achieve super-cyber decrypting speeds. Awkwafina says. “It is symbolic of how we, as humans, see ourselves, how society does and how we embody that—until we realize that we don’t have to be defined by certain things. I like the way that The Bad Guys plays with aspects of good and bad. Those are two terms that we see misconstrued all the time. We see people that look bad but aren’t, as well as people who look good but aren’t.”

A DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures International film, catch The Bad Guys on April 27 in cinemas nationwide.


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