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New Normal: The Survival Guide is GMA News TV’s response to the new normal


New Normal: The Survival Guide is GMA News TV’s response to the new normal

It will be the first daily magazine program entirely conceptualized with the ‘new normal’ in mind.

Driven by GMA News and Public Affairs’ mission to serve the public in this time of crisis, New Normal will help Filipinos navigate this new way of living through information and practical solutions.

New Normal: The Survival Guide will be bannered by GMA News TV’s longstanding hosts to inspire viewers in this time of anxiety: Winnie Monsod, Kara David, Susan Enriquez, Rovilson Fernandez, Tonipet Gaba, and Drew Arellano. Each night will feature a different aspect of coping with the new normal.


o   Host: Winnie Monsod

o   Winnie Monsod will start off the week discussing the most controversial issues. She will interview the biggest newsmakers via online videoconference.

o   She will also react to viral videos and the latest trends like ube pandesal, baked sushi rice and other “pauso”.

o   In one segment each week, she will also show she is learning to be more techy  in the new normal – how to access Netflix, how to do Tiktok, how to use Zoom, how to send packages via motorcycle courier – and other things that used to be alien to senior citizens.

TUESDAY – New Normal: Bright Side

    • Host: Kara David
    • Kara David will present light stories and viral content that inspire viewers to look at the brighter side of life and help them manage anxiety in the midst of the pandemic
    • Viral stories and personalities trending online (funny skits, tiktok hits) that will appeal to the Millennials and the Gen Z
    • Bayanihan in a community
    • Good samaritan stories
    • Showbiz features with a quarantine twist

WEDNESDAY – New Normal: Pera Paraan

    • Host: Susan Enriquez
    • Practical tips on handling household finances, earning additional income, and succeeding in a work-from-home environment. She will also feature small businesses that successfully pivoted after ECQ began. Susan Enriquez herself is thrifty and practical when it comes to money matters.

THURSDAY – New Normal: Home Work

    • Hosts: Tonipet Gaba and Rovilson Fernandez
    • Rovilson and Tonipet will give tips on how to survive quarantine life and navigate the household for young people and gimikeros who are home 24/7 for the first time in their lives.
    • Each episode will showcase new skills which both hosts will learn or teach: Rovilson can do the laundry by hand, show new workout routines that can be done at home; Tonipet can show people simple baking recipes, how to sew small holes on clothes, grooming pets at home, how to trim hair etc.
    • The episodes will also feature experts who conduct online webinars and case studies of ordinary people and celebrities who have mastered new skills due to the ECQ.

FRIDAY – New Normal: Family Time

    • Host: Drew Arellano
  • The Friday episode will capitalize on Drew being a father. He will give helpful tips on parenting, building strong relationships and creating a safe and happy home.
  • Drew will show affordable home activities and simple yet fun games that parents and kids can enjoy together.
  • He can give tips for the many who will be studying and working from home — how to cope with various ways of learning, and how parents can supervise their kids’ online class while having to do work/attend meetings themselves.
  • The stories of families dealing with the new normal will also be featured.



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