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Stream and Scream with These Free Scary Movies, Series on iWantTFC

Stream and Scream with These Free Scary Movies, Series on iWantTFC


Stream and Scream with These Free Scary Movies, Series on iWantTFC

It’s officially the scariest time of the year, and there’s nothing as rewarding as getting your goosebumps popping by watching a scary flick with the lights off. If you need nail-biting streaming recommendations in the lead-up to Halloween, here are some movies and series on iWantTFC that you can add to your queue and stream for FREE:

1.    Horrorscope

iWantTFC’s original anthology series imagines a world where astrology brings us real suffering instead of guidance. Starring Charlie Dizon, Elisse Joson, and Iyah Mina, the series highlights the worst traits of a sign and turns them into something horrific and deadly. In the episode “Virgo,” Charlie is an indecisive police officer who can’t choose between doing what’s right and saving her own life. In “Leo,” Iyah, unable to accept the death of her younger boyfriend, resorts to necromancy. In “Libra,” a priest performs exorcism on an unreliable Elisse, who is pregnant with a demon.

1. Horrorscope.jpg

2.    Maria Leonora Teresa

Dolls can be quite scary… especially when they look exactly like your dead daughter. In this Wenn Deramas-helmed movie, three grieving parents (Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, and Jodi Sta. Maria) try to cope with the loss of their daughters who died in a field trip. A psychiatrist offers them life-sized talking dolls to bring home and help them navigate their grieving process, only for them to suffer more deaths and even more trauma.

2. Maria Leonora Teresa.jpg

3.    Abandoned

This one will crawl under your skin and drag you into the pits. An iWantTFC original, “Abandoned” follows a traumatized security guard (Beauty Gonzalez) who loses her grip on reality when disturbing spiritual elements begin to haunt her. She unwittingly brings home with her the terror she endures at work, destroying her relationship with her son (Seth Fedelin).

3. Abandoned.jpg

4.    Hellcome Home

Imagine moving into your dream house, only for it to become a living hell. In this movie, Dennis Trillo’s family experiences the bad and then the worse – from trespassers to the ghosts of previous occupants. But a sinister force in the house also brings out the worst in them, as their secrets are exposed and slowly ruin their tight bond.

4. Hellcome Home.jpg

5.    Barbara Reimagined

Classic horror films never go out of style… especially when they get plenty of remakes. Celso Ad Castillo’s iconic “Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara” notched its latest re-telling in iWantTFC’s “Barbara Reimagined,” which stars the sultry Nathalie Hart. Director Benedict Mique delivers a unique twist to the original, with jump scares galore, to keep viewers guessing and startled.

5. Barbara Reimagined.jpg

6.    The Heiress

Maricel Soriano will put you under a spell in this movie, where she plays a resentful ‘mambabarang’ with an unhealthy attachment to her niece (Janella Salvador). Luna (Maricel) does everything in her power to keep Guia (Janella) away from the latter’s boyfriend and mother, but why? Is Luna only trying to protect Guiai, or does the old maid want something from her niece? Watch the movie to find out, and prepare for a good amount of gore.

6. The Heiress.jpg

7.    Clarita

Black Sheep’s first horror offering brings to the screen the first reported demonic possession in Asia in the 1950s. Jodi Sta. Maria will make you cover your eyes with her hair-rising performance as Clarita, who has exorcism performed on her by two priests. Jodi’s physical antics only get more chilling as the story develops, building the terror and violence all the way to the end.

7. Clarita.jpg

8.   Sitsit

This two-part movie series finds Jake Cuenca and Ivana Alawi falling victim to their own selfish desires and summoning evil spirits. Danny (Jake) uses a mysterious potion to make his beloved fall in love with him, while Joyce (Ivana) befriends a mysterious dog that gives her everything she wants. Their actions end up costing them greatly.

8. Sitsit.jpg

9.    Feng Shui 1 and 2

What’s a Pinoy Halloween without seeing Kris Aquino screaming her face off in fear? Luckily, the cult classic “Feng Shui” and its sequel starring Coco Martin are both streaming for free on iWantTFC. For a time, a bagua mirror was known for bringing bad luck and death instead of good fortune, thanks to Direk Chito S. Roño’s extremely popular horror movies that combine superstition, the supernatural, and perfectly built tension to scare viewers.

9. Feng Shui.jpg

 10. Haunted Forest

“Haunted Forest” is a barkada, family, and horror flick rolled into one. Starring Jane Oineza, Raymart Santiago, Maris Racal, and Jameson Blake, it will take viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonists hunt down and fight a mythical creature called “sitsit,” which hides in the forest and causes the sudden disappearance and deaths of young women in a rural town.

10. Haunted Forest.jpg

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