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The Top 4 Stylist Tips for Wearing a Kilt


The Top 4 Stylist Tips for Wearing a Kilt

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  • Know the occasion

One great way to pick out an outfit is to pay attention to the event that you are attending. For instance, you do not want to look too buttoned up in a casual setting, and neither would you like to be severely underdressed in an event where everybody is formally dressed. It is thus important that you select an outfit that will fit the occasion. The great thing about kilts is that they are flexible and that there are many options to choose from for whatever event you may be going to. If you would like a more casual look, then pair your kilt with a flannel shirt or a sweater if it is a bit chilly. This way you will have achieved a very comfortable and snug look. While going to a more formal occasion, as always, a white shirt is always the best way to go and you can pair it with a vest and a coat

  •  Accessorize

Accessories can go a long way in elevating your outfit from regular into something quite dashing. You do not need to go overboard, but you simply start by adding a pair of silver cufflinks to your shirt, for instance when attending a wedding. You could also add a watch or a nice belt which is a bold fashion statement that will make your outfit pop. A few other items that you can try include adding a bowtie or a nice brooch. You can check out https://www.kilts-n-stuff.com/ for some of the best accessories you can use for your outfit.

  • Get the right fit

As is with any outfit, the best way to achieve a nice look is to ensure that it fits well. This will not only ensure that you look good, but it will also help you be very comfortable and at ease, which is great for self-esteem and confidence. An ill-fitting shirt can make a person look very untidy or puffy. Consequently, a large kilt that does not fit right will droop excessively below the knees, creating quite an unattractive appearance. It will also not lay nicely around the waist hence creating a clenched up look which further hinders the pleats on the kilt from lying naturally at the back. On the other hand, a small kilt will be too tight and go way high above the knees, which might not be very appropriate.

  • Pay attention to colour and material

Most kilts normally have a plaid pattern and it can thus be very easy for a person to mix various prints and colours in their outfit and have an unsightly mess. When you have a plaid kilt, therefore, ensure that you wear a plain coloured shirt to not create a jarring contrast. If you like playing around with different materials, you can try wearing a leather jacket with a matching leather kilt for a more edgy look. Moreover, you can try out pairing a denim jacket with a denim kilt as well, which is a great look for a casual outdoor event. Whatever tickles your fancy.

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