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SOREL Embraces Bold Style With Its New Brex Collection

SOREL Embraces Bold Style With Its New Brex Collection


SOREL Embraces Bold Style With Its New Brex Collection

When it comes to seasonal fashion, fall always makes its way to the top. From cozy layers and warmer hues to edgy footwear and fun accessories—fall really is king in the fashion world, especially now.

While we may have been forced to pull out our bulky everything-proof boots and booties in the past and shirked at just the thought of rain or mud, those days are behind us. We no longer need to choose between fashion and function—not when brands like SOREL design collections with both at the forefront.

Enter: the Brex Collection.

This season, SOREL introduced an eye-catching new collection called the Brex that features four styles that are daring in design, yet practical and durable. With empowerment and confidence in mind, these four booties sport unique silhouettes, punchy colour combinations and bold sole textures—all eager to make a statement.

To highlight this collection’s versatility, FASHION teamed up with Toronto-based digital content creator and creative strategist Vanessa Cesario, who’s also known for her bold sense of style.

“I’ve always loved fashion. Growing up, I remember always looking forward to dress-down days when I could pick out my own outfit for school rather than our usual uniform,” says Cesario. “My style’s changed a lot over the years and still changes day-to-day, but I always turn to cooler looks, rather than overly pretty or preppy. When it comes to silhouettes, some days I like more masculine cuts while on others I like more form-fitting and sexy pieces. That’s what I like about fashion, you get to create your own rules around it.”

Cesario, who launched her own creative consulting agency VLC Inc. earlier this year, says she loves to push boundaries and test her creativity through fashion, which was why she was excited by the Brex collection by SOREL.

“I grew up with a pair of SOREL winter boots and wore them for years, so I was really excited to see the evolution of the brand, it’s now a fashion-forward line with a cool design,” she says. “I love that they’re functional and wearable for fall and winter. I always struggled with finding fashionable boots for those seasons that kept my feet warm while not being overly chunky or bulky.”

Cesario’s favourite from the collection is the Brex Boot Lace in Sandy Tan because of its sleek silhouette, but she also loves the classic Chelsea boot in Chalk.

Dressed up or down, these boots are incredibly versatile and can elevate any look. Pair it with a delicate dress for an extra hit of edge, or go for a monochromatic look and pair them with a matching playsuit—available in an array of colours and cuts, this collection adapts to a wide range of styles and looks.

Ready to start styling? Dive into our lookbook below and get inspired to sport a pair of Brex booties yourself.

Brex Boot Chelsea

Go ahead, make a statement. We decided to pair these vibrant chalk Chelsea booties with a pair of wide-legged faux leather pants in chocolate brown for that layer of contrast. Plus, who doesn’t love a sheer moment? If you’re feeling even bolder, pull out your favourite statement coat and favourite accessories.

Brex Boot Lace

Whether you prefer neutral tones or more vibrant pieces, these classic lace booties will become a staple in your wardrobe. Pair them with a matching khaki playsuit for a monochromatic look or throw on a fun pair of statement pants and sassier jacket if you’d rather go bolder.

Brex Heel Chelsea

Chic and equally sleek. Pair these bold stomper boots with your favourite blazer and matching mini for a clean-cut look. Or if you’d rather go the more colourful route, pair it with your favourite flowy skirt and biker jacket.

Brex Heel Lace

Life’s too short to not be extra. With these elegant, yet equally cool, heeled lace booties, you’ll want to throw on your favourite bodysuit or patterned pants because, why not? Embrace colour and embrace your individual sense of flare.

Shop the full collection here.

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