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The Low-Carb, High-Fiber Tortillas That’ll Rock Your World


The Low-Carb, High-Fiber Tortillas That’ll Rock Your World

5 seconds to change your life with a low-carb, high-fiber, high-protein tortilla? Yes PLZ.

These tortillas have been my go-to since trying to lose weight after having Zaza. These are some random tortillas that I found online and they’re so good with so many different combos.

They have 15 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fiber ( 11 grams !! That’s so gnarly ). I mean, a tortilla packed with fiber? We love. One tortilla also has 5 grams of protein and these specific tortillas contain Omega 3 from extra virgin olive oil and flax.

You can also keep these in the freezer. I bought a bunch. They’re almost like a Cauliflower Thin. If you haven’t read about those, stalk this post.

Anyway, the reviews for these tortillas on Amazon are insane. Almost all of them are 5 stars. I couldn’t not share these with you guys on The Skinny Confidential.

Fun ways I like to prepare them:

♡ Avo, tomato & cheese. I like to cut them into small pieces and make nachos. Add some black beans, cauliflower, & sour cream too.

♡ Raw almond butter & mashed berries. Heat a tortilla up in a pan, add some almond butter, mash some berries on top then add a squeeze of lemon.

♡ Cream cheese & cucumber. Take some Monty’s cashew cream cheese ( if you haven’t fucked with Monty’s you’re missing out ) and spread it on the tortilla. Add some cucumber slices, herbs and lemon. It’s like a sandwich, lemme tell ya.

♡ Veggie quesadilla. Sometimes I’ll do a Mexican cheese with tons of spinach, kale, herbs and mushrooms.

Burritos, tacos, whatever you’re into, you can use these tortillas and know you’re getting protein  and fiber. They’re delicious and perfect for anyone who is looking to tighten up. Be forewarned though: they are ALWAYS sold out. So get them now because they’re almost too good to be true.

I literally bought 20 of them. Michael likes them too. Most importantly though, they’re super easy to use. I’m about these tortillas. I hope you guys love them too.

If you aren’t into tortillas you’ll probably love Cauliflower Thins. So good in the toaster, trust me ( more here ).

Those are my 2 favorite ‘carbs’ at the moment as I’m trying to lose the last 20 lbs.

Do you guys have any great weight loss finds you want to share? I’m all ears.

x, Lauryn

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