Creamy Tuna Mushroom Pasta


Creamy Tuna Mushroom Pasta

This creamy tuna mushroom pasta recipe is super-easy to make in just 30 minutes and tossed with the coziest lemon garlic cream sauce. 

Creamy Tuna Mushroom Pasta

Raise your hand if you grew up loving classic baked tuna casserole! ♡

Well for those of you who share my affection for a good retro-style creamy tuna pasta bake, today I thought I would introduce you to my modernized spin on this classic that we absolutely love here in our house. As you can see, there’s no baking, box mixes, or casserole dishes involved here. Instead, perfectly al dente pasta is tossed with a simple blend of sautéed mushrooms, fresh spinach, tender flakes of tuna, and a deliciously silky, garlicky, lemony, rosemary creamy sauce, then served a generous sprinkle of Parm and freshly-cracked black pepper on top.

It’s an easy breezy weeknight-friendly pasta recipe that comes together in just 30 minutes or less (basically, the amount of time it takes to prep and cook the pasta). And together, all of the ingredients combine to make each bite taste super fresh and flavorful and deliciously nostalgic. Especially that tuna, which I’m convinced is highly underrated as a pasta protein!

My husband has requested we make this recipe no less than three times this month, and asked me to be sure and mention that it makes for fantastic leftovers as well. So grab some cans of tuna from your pantry and let’s make some pasta for dinner tonight!



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