Favorite Nachos


Favorite Nachos

My go-to easy nachos recipe, made with my favorite queso blanco dip and a handful of delicious toppings.

Favorite Easy Nachos

It’s my birthday today! So I’m serving up a big sheet pan of one of my all-time faves to celebrate…

…homemade nachos. ♡

My friends would be the first to tell you that I’ve had a lifelong obsession with excellent nachos. (I even wrote an entire cookbook devoted to them once upon a time!) But while I will always appreciate all sorts of fun and elaborate nacho toppings, in my book there’s nothing better than a simple sheet pan loaded up with the perfect mix of good-quality basics. Namely, the most delicious and melty queso blanco I know (that’s right, no boring shredded cheese allowed here), creamy sliced avocado, a sprinkling of fresh pico de gallo, and paper-thin slices of fresh jalapeños for a bit of a kick. This simple, classic combination is absolutely unbeatable in my opinion. And after having served up dozens upon dozens of sheet pans full of these nachos to friends over the years, I can vouch that they are a crowd favorite as well every single time.

That said, of course, the fun of making homemade nachos is getting to customize them exactly as you’d like. So give this base recipe a try, and then feel free to load them up with any additional meat, beans, salsas, olives, cremas, or any other toppings that sound good. I’ve also included some of my tried and true tips below for assembling the perfect pan of nachos, as well as recommendations for some of my favorite salsa to serve alongside them.

Alright, let’s make some nachos!

Queso Blanco (White Cheese Dip)(more…)


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