Grilled Cod


Grilled Cod

Step outside of your oven (literally and figuratively), and let’s make easy Grilled Cod!

Grilled cod with cilantro yogurt sauce and tomatoes

A mild, firm-bodied fish, cod is ideal for cooking on the barbie.

It can hold together on the grill grates (just use a gentle touch and a flexible spatula like this one).

Not ready to take the plunge and cook the cod directly on the grates? No biggie. I have directions for you to grill it in a foil packet instead, a trick I use whenever I’m making Grilled Salmon in Foil.

While fish can certainly overcook, cod is one of the most forgiving. It resists drying out more than other flaky fish.

Also, we’re adding a lemon butter sauce that’s going to buy you some wiggle room.

What I am saying is—even if you’ve never grilled cod or any other fish in your life—you are going to nail this recipe.

To go along with our awesome-sauce grilled cod, I whipped up (wait for it) an awesome sauce.

I recently added this new cookbook to my collection, and one of the biggest tips I’ve picked up from it so far is the power of adding simple sauces to fish, especially fish cooked on the grill. That’s why in addition to this easy method for grilling cod, you’ll find a recipe for a quick cilantro yogurt sauce to serve alongside it. We spooned it allllll over our cod, then used the leftovers for grilled vegetables. YUM.

The sauce takes fewer than five minutes to make and completely elevates the meal. I felt so chef-y and accomplished.

In addition to being a delish sauce to serve with fish, the cilantro yogurt sauce is also ultra yummy with shrimp, grilled chicken, and on burgers (try it with this Portobello Mushroom Burger).


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