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ABS-CBN franchise renewal denied


ABS-CBN franchise renewal denied

THE House of Representatives’ Committee on Legislative Franchises on Friday denied the application for a franchise of media giant ABS-CBN Corp.

The decision was made with a majority of 70 affirmative votes in favor of the “Resolution Denying the Franchise Application of ABS-CBN Corporation to Construct, Install, Establish, Operate, and Maintain Radio and Broadcasting Stations in the Philippines.”

There were 11 lawmakers who voted in the negative, 1 abstention and 2 others who inhibited.

A total of 85 voting members were in the hearing, including 46 regular members , 39 ex-officio members or House leaders.

A “yes” vote means that a lawmaker wants to deny the franchise of ABS-CBN while a “no” vote means a lawmaker wants to grant the franchise.

With the decision, the matter of the ABS-CBN’s franchise was put to an end and it will no longer advance to the plenary level.


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