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Craft room ideas – 14 creative ways to create a creative space


Craft room ideas – 14 creative ways to create a creative space

Craft room ideas – 14 creative ways to create a creative space Any serious crafter will appreciate the pleasure in having a dedicated space devoted entirely to their favourite hobby. Crafting can accumulate a serious amount of ‘stuff’, from equipment and tools to materials and supplies. So craft room ideas that include a well-organised storage system and space to spread out are key. Whatever the size of your craft room – whether it has taken over your home office idea, or it’s just a craft cupboard – having all the essentials close to hand, and easily visible can make a huge difference. Kitting out the space with shelves, cubbies, racks and pegboards will help keep supplies and craft projects in check. And there are lots of mini makes and easy DIY storage ideas that will come in useful for storing smaller odds and ends like buttons, cotton reels and ribbons. Craft room ideas While a craft room is often a hive of activity, it’s important that it’s a space that sparks creativity too. Decorating the room in colour-happy shades will have an uplifting effect to boost creativity. Plus, having supplies and materials in colourful stacks and well-ordered displays is visually pleasing and will spark joy. Including a large pinboard or display area is a must. It provides a spot to pin up samples, materials and mood boards and be a source of inspiration while you work. 1. Start with your work table Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole When it comes to your desk or crafting table, choose one that will suit the activities you’ll be using it for. A smaller desk with lots of storage space works best if you do lots of small-scale crafts. A larger table with plenty of surface space is more practical for spreading out materials for cutting or sewing projects. A height-adjustable table is a good option that works well for a range of different crafting activities. Look for desktops that can be raised or lowered for sitting or standing. Tilting options that are useful for sketching and drafting are also available. Having a desk at the right height is essential if you do lots of crafting work to prevent neck and back strain. Opt for a slimline set of storage drawers on castors that can be tucked neatly under a desk or table, especially in a small home office idea. Moveable drawers are more practical than fixed as they can be wheeled out of the way if you need the space to work at. 2. Set up a storage system Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole Crafting often means having multiples of the same item and stockpiles of different materials and tools. Well-ordered storage will keep everything organised and ensure you can find what you need more easily. Similar to home office storage ideas, height-adjustable storage in a craft room idea allows shelves to be positioned at different heights. Then you can accommodate items in a range of shapes and sizes, from tall folders, files and bulky boxes, to flat papers and materials or short stacks of fabrics and card. Group items logically. Store like with like, so that items are easier to locate. Corralling smaller supplies into wire baskets, caddies and clear plastic boxes prevents shelves from looking messy. Plus, it’s easier to grab what you need in one go. 3. Organise a storage wall Image credit: IKEA For tight spaces, set up a workstation hub. Keep all the essentials within easy reach of a work surface. A smart storage idea for small spaces is to create a wall of storage. Cover the wall closest to the work table with pegboard panels. Attach an assortment of caddies, racks, hooks and rails to store supplies and equipment. Having everything visible and arranged en-masse adds a creative vibe and a pegboard offers a more versatile option than fixed storage. Components are moveable and easy to arrange or rearrange should you need to switch the set-up at a later date. 4. Choose a comfy chair Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain Hours spent crafting will mean sitting in a chair for long periods of time. Choose a comfortable chair as a top priority to avoid back pain and neck strain. An ergonomically-shaped backrest will give good lumbar support and should fit the back snugly, following the natural curve of the spine. Opt for a height-adjustable model. Make sure the seat height is correct for your work table, with castors so it’s easier to move around. Chairs with armrests can get in the way of some crafts. A chair without arms or with flip-up arms can be tucked out of the way. Upgrade a standard grey office chair by re-covering it with a cheery floral fabric or bold pattern that will add a pop of colour to your craft space. 5. Factor in extra lighting Image credit: Dunelm Lots of close-up work can be hard on the eyes. Consider the lighting in any craft space the same way you would consider home office lighting ideas, so you can see what you’re doing without straining your eyes. A large window that lets lots of natural light into the room is ideal, with the addition of a task lamp that can provide extra light over the work surface when needed. An angled task lamp allows you to adjust the position of the light so that you aren’t working in shadow. If you’re right-handed, make sure light from your task lamp comes from the left, and vice versa if you are left-handed. 6. Make it mobile Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole A staple of the crafts room, a trolley comes in super-handy for stashing all manner of supplies. Easier to access than an under-desk filing unit, it can be filled with most-used crafts items and wheeled in and out of play as needed. Organise the interior further by adding plastic tubs and caddies so that everything has a designated spot. 7. Install a DIY roll holder Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole…

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