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UFO Bracelet by MAM


UFO Bracelet by MAM

UFO Bracelet by MAM

VDF products fair: Barcelona-based jewellery and fashion brand MAM has created a large, disc-shaped bracelet made from raffia, which can also be used as a hair tie.

UFO Bracelet is handmade from a fibre taken from the raffia palm tree.

Designed to be genderless, the bracelet is a textured pale flat disc that can slip onto wrists. It comes in a pack of two that can be worn together to form an accent to an outfit.

The accessory can also be worn as a hair tie, helping to keep the wearer cool in the summer.

“This bracelet is more than a bracelet, it’s a hair accessory in disguise,” the brand said. “An essential MAM item to make the most of the cool, breezy, easy Mediterranean summer look.”

The bracelet is part of the UFO collection of raffia designs recently released by MAM, which also includes a slouchy handbag and a watch.

“The inspiration behind the UFO Collection was to have fun summertime pieces you could truly wear your way,” said MAM CEO Jordi Enrique Albert. “All the pieces are made out of raffia, which gives a Mediterranean look, and is the perfect summertime staple.”

Product: UFO Bracelet
Brand: MAM
Contact address: anthya@mamoriginals.com

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