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UFO Raffia Watch by MAM


UFO Raffia Watch by MAM

UFO Raffia Watch by MAM

VDF products fair: this watch by Barcelona-based jewellery and fashion brand MAM comes with two straps that the user can swap depending on their mood.

The UFO Raffia Watch straps are slender, 14 millimetres thick, and made from raffia, a vegan material comprising fibres from a palm plant of the same name.

They come in two contrasting dark and light hues that are interchangeable. “Swap out the straps,” said MAM. “Match the mood. This watch is for those who want to keep track of the minutes and seconds in style.”

Measuring 33 millimetres in diameter, the watch has a bamboo wood frame and bright white face. The dial details are rose-gold to complement.

MAM has released the watch, which marks its thinnest watch to date, as part of its UFO collection of products made from raffia.

A slouchy raffia handbag and a bracelet that can also be worn as a hair tie also feature in the series.

Product: UFO Raffia Watch
Brand: MAM
Contact address: anthya@mamoriginals.com

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