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UFO Basket Bag by MAM


UFO Basket Bag by MAM

UFO Basket Bag designed by fashion brand MAM

VDF products fair: Barcelona-based fashion brand MAM has released a versatile raffia handbag that can be worn in a variety of styles.

The UFO Basket Bag by MAM is hand-woven from light-hued raffia, a material specifically chosen by the brand for its synonymity with the Mediterranean.

Vegetable-tanned leather was then used for the base of the bag and the ornamental tag on the handle, both of which are embossed with MAM’s logo.

The UFO Basket Bag’s rounded, slouchy form means it can be worn in a variety of ways.

It can be carried traditionally as a handbag, slung over the shoulder, or tucked under the arm like an oversized clutch bag. Alternatively, the wearer can loop their arms through each handle of the bag to form a backpack.

The brand thinks the bag could even be used as a decorative accessory in the home, much like a coffee table centrepiece.

“The inspiration behind the UFO collection was to have fun summertime pieces you could truly wear your way,” said Jordi Enrique Albert, CEO of MAM.

“It is the bag for the person who wants more than just a bag.”

Product: UFO Basket Bag
Brand: MAM
Contact address: anthya@mamoriginals.com

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