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10 Powerful Quotes from ABS-CBN’s Carlo Katigbak


10 Powerful Quotes from ABS-CBN’s Carlo Katigbak


It’s been a long and turbulent ride for ABS-CBN—one that has affected the lives of its thousands-strong employees and came to an end on July 10, when Congress voted to deny the leading network a congressional franchise.

As the embattled network faced the Congress time and again, one man stood out the most: ABS-CBN Chief Executive Officer Carlo Katigbak.

Within the span of a few months, the chief gained the attention and admiration of the Internet, with many applauding his grace and composure under the pressure of countless irate congressmen.


Former Senator JV Ejercito lauds the chief executive for his composure.


“The Filipino Doctor” Tony Leachon also put in his two cents.

Katigbak faced ABS-CBN’s biggest crisis since it was shut down during the Marcos administration in the ’70s and ’80s. He’s faced more criticism and bashing from online trolls than majority of people, not to mention the threat of his company’s shutdown. Yet he still kept his chill as the newly minted king of cool, all while staying respectful, professional, and giving the public a good look at what a leader ought to be.

Here are Katigbak’s best quotes throughout this ABS-CBN fiasco: 


He definitely knew how to answer.


The people always came first.


It seems the chance wasn’t given.


Louder for the people in the back!


Twitter was definitely full of voices.


Just laying it out there. 


He made the promise live on air.


“Responsibility” with a capital “R”.


One of the biggest issues surrounding the franchise renewal.


Plain and simple fact.

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